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Wine of the eliceo forest

ferrara-store vino bosco eliceo 01The wine of the Eliceo forest is the typical wine of Ferrara produced in the coastal area between the Po river and the Goro valley.
The production of this typical wine of Ferrara has an ancient history and today, after centuries of continuous improvement of its quality, has the right to be part of the famous seventeen pearls Ferrara , the typical products of Ferrara, that are the pride of the culinary arts of Ferrara.
Ferrara Store offers you this typical wine of Ferrara, especially chosen for its excellent quality; it is produced with the best grape varieties and manufacturers, including the Fortana, merlot, sauvignon and white.
The beginning of viticulture in the area of Ferrara dates back to many centuries ago: the development of viticulture in the area of Ferrara had already started at the time of the Etruscans and the Byzantines, and it is attested as a common culture even in the city of Spina, now disappeared, in the valleys of Comacchio. Only in the X and XI century the area between the Po and Goro underwent a drainage commissioned by the Benedictine monks of the abbey of Pomposa: the land was drained to cultivate vegetables and fruit trees, and the first vineyards as well.
According to the chronicles, the vineyard from which the wine of the Eliceo forest originates was imported in 1528 from France, specifically from the Cote d'Or, when Duke Ercole II d' Este married Renée of France, who brought with her some vineyards. The name “Golden Grapes” for the grapes of the Eliceo forest derives precisely from its origin, the Cote d'Or. It seems that the sandy soil , water scarcity, proximity to the sea and the humid climate have proven to be optimal characteristics, to which the vines quickly adapted. These habitat characteristics of the vineyard of the Eliceo forest have helped to save these vines in the early 1900s, when the Italian viticulture suffered because of phylloxera.
The wine of the Eliceo forest was already known at the time of the Este family, but it was drunk by all the inhabitants of the area as a table wine. For this reason, the cultivation of the wine of the Eliceo forest lasted even after the disappearance of the family, thanks to the farmers who have preserved the vines.
Between the late nineteenth and early twentieth century the wines of the Eliceo forest have returned to prominence in Italy, thanks to the studies and the various attempts made on plants and varied terrain of the area by growers to give life to the best wine ever produced in the Eliceo woods, a tasty wine with character.
This research to improve the quality of the wine of the Eliceo forest was honored by the DOC certification (Denomination of Controlled Origin ), issued by the Italian State in 1989.
ferrara-store vino bosco eliceo 02The importance of the wine of the Eliceo forest, together with the satisfaction of having received the DOC certification, has prompted grape growers, winemakers, restaurateurs and sommeliers to join the Consortium for the Protection of the wine of the Eliceo forest. This Consortium is very important because, before being sold, the wine of the Eliceo forest undergoes two distinct chemical and physical tests: the first test is run by the Committee of the Chamber of Commerce, which ensures that the wine of the Eliceo forest is complying with the parameters required by the DOC, the second exam is operated by the commission of the Consortium, which examines the typical characteristics of the wine of the Eliceo forest.
On the bottles of wine of the forest Eliceo you will find the DOC issued by the Chamber of Commerce and a numbered stamp of the Consortium, confirming that the wine of the Eliceo forest you have purchased is of the best quality .


    There are four types of wine of the Eliceo forest:

    • The Fortana wine of the Eliceo forest: distinctive red ruby, characterized by the particular scent of the vine, can be still, lively or sparkling . The wine of the Eliceo forest Fortana, with an alcohol content of at least 10.5 °, goes well with eels broth, fish or crustaceans, but also with the salama da sugo and the cotechino and the classic pasta dishes of Ferrara;
    • The Merlot wine of the Eliceo forest: characterized by a strong ruby red color which becomes clearer in its maturity. Its taste reflects the territory of the vineyards close to the sea from which it came. Its alcohol content is higher than 10.5 °;
    • The Sauvignon wine of the Eliceo forest: characterized by a pale yellow color, its taste is fresh with a delicate scent, its alcohol content is higher than 11 °;
    • The White wine of the Eliceo forest: characterized by a pale yellow color, has a very pleasant full-bodied and briny flavor. Ideal for an aperitif or to accompany meals of fish, can be enjoyed even tasting the pasta dishes of Ferrara. Its alcohol content is higher than 10.5 °.

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Typical products

Ferrara Delights 


  • Meat cappelletti

    Quantity: 1 kg, 500 gr
    Cappelletti represent one of the typical dishes of Ferrara cuisine.
  • Artisanal Pampapato

    Quantity: 1 kg

    Typical dessert of Ferrara with zuccotto shape.

  • Classic artisanal Piadina

    Quantity per pack: 5 wraps

    Classic artisan wraps, with careful choice of ingredients.

  • Salama da sugo IGP

    Quantity: 1 kg.

    The typical cold cut par excellence of Ferrara cuisine.

  • Zia Ferrarese Salami

    Quantity: 700 gr
    Traditional and characteristic salami of the Ferrara area.
  • Mandorlini del ponte

    Package quantity: 300 gr
    Handmade biscuits, typical of Ferrara, with an irregular shape.
  • Pumpkin Cappellacci

    Quantity: 500 gr, 1 kg
    Pumpkin cappellacci are the main dish of Ferrara cuisine
  • Pink Salami

    Quantity: 500 gr

    Pink salami with Slow Food Presidium from Emilia. 

  • Artisan Salami with garlic

    Quantity: 400 gr, 700 gr
    Artisanal salami produced in Francolino

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