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Returns and Refunds

The Customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract for any reason, without the need to provide explanations and without any penalty, except in the cases of exclusion provided for in point IV below. To exercise this right, the Customer must send FERRARA STORE SAS DI FACCINI MATTEO E C. a communication within 14 days from the date of receipt of the Products or, if he intends to exercise the withdrawal before receiving the Products, the notice of withdrawal may be sent at any time prior to their receipt.

This communication must be sent by registered letter with return receipt, addressed to: FERRARA STORE SAS DI FACCINI MATTEO E C.  PIAZZA DELLA REPUBBLICA, 23/25 - 44121 FERRARA (FE).

The Customer Service of FERRARA STORE SAS DI FACCINI MATTEO E C. will, once received the communication, open a file for the management of the return and communicate to the Customer the instructions on how to return the Products, which will be done by courier indicated by FERRARA. STORE SAS DI FACCINI MATTEO E C. The right of withdrawal is governed by the following conditions:

I. The law applies to the Product purchased in its entirety; therefore if the Product is composed of several components or parts it is not possible to exercise the withdrawal only on part of the purchased Product.

II. In case of exercise of the right of withdrawal, FERRARA STORE SAS DI FACCINI MATTEO E C. will refund the customer the full amount of the returned goods, including shipping costs where applicable, within 14 days from the date on which the withdrawal notice was received , without prejudice to the right of FERRARA STORE SAS DI FACCINI MATTEO E C. to suspend the payment of the reimbursement until the actual receipt of the goods. The refund will be made using the same payment method used by the Customer, unless the latter has expressly requested a different method. In case of bank transfer or cash on delivery, the Customer will be responsible for providing the bank details on which to obtain the refund (account holder, name and address of the Bank and IBAN).

III. By law, the shipping costs related to the return of the goods to the sender are charged to the customer.

IV. the right of withdrawal is excluded in the following cases, pursuant to art. 55 of Legislative Decree 21/2014:

- order of products made to measure or clearly personalized;

- order of Products which risk deteriorating or expiring rapidly;

- order of sealed Products that cannot be returned for hygienic reasons or related to health protection or that have been opened after delivery.

With reference to the cases of exclusion of the withdrawal listed above, the Customer in particular is informed and accepts that the Products that "risk deteriorating or expire rapidly" include all food products (including fresh, packaged food products, wines, spirits and beverages) as the characteristics and qualities of these types of Products are subject to alteration also as a result of inappropriate storage. Therefore, for reasons of hygiene and customer protection, the right of withdrawal is applicable only for Products purchased on the Site that can be returned to FERRARA STORE SAS DI FACCINI MATTEO E C. and put back on the market without endangering the health of consumers ( such as unopened packaged products, books, gadgets, kitchen utensils, etc.).

The right of withdrawal is totally lost, for lack of the essential condition of integrity of the goods (packaging and / or its contents), in cases in which FERRARA STORE SAS DI FACCINI MATTEO E C. ascertains:

- The lack of external packaging and / or wrapping containing the purchased product

- Damage to the product for reasons other than its transport

In case of forfeiture of the right of withdrawal, FERRARA STORE SAS DI FACCINI MATTEO E C. will return the purchased good to the sender, charging the shipping costs to the sender.

The shipment, until the certificate of receipt in our warehouse is under the complete responsibility of the customer or the courier appointed by him.

- FERRARA STORE SAS DI FACCINI MATTEO E C. is not responsible in any way for damage or theft / loss of goods returned by uninsured shipments.

- In case of damage to the goods during transport, FERRARA STORE SAS DI FACCINI MATTEO E C. will notify the Customer of the incident (within 5 working days), to allow him to file a complaint against the courier and obtain any refund. In this case, the product will be made available to the customer for its return simultaneously canceling the request for withdrawal.

Warranty and lack of conformity

The legal guarantees provided for in articles 129, 130 and 132 of the Consumer Code apply to the sale of the Products. The Customer has the right to restore, without charge, the conformity of the goods by repair or replacement or to a suitable reduction in the price or termination of the contract. For the Customer these rights lapse, if the defect is not reported to FERRARA STORE SAS DI FACCINI MATTEO E C. within two months from the date on which he discovered the defect, provided that it is not a Product which by its nature is perishable or subject to expiration in a shorter period, in which case the defect must be reported within this shortened period.

Typical products

Ferrara Delights 


  • Meat cappelletti

    Quantity: 1 kg, 500 gr
    Cappelletti represent one of the typical dishes of Ferrara cuisine.
  • Artisanal Pampapato

    Quantity: 1 kg

    Typical dessert of Ferrara with zuccotto shape.

  • Classic artisanal Piadina

    Quantity per pack: 5 wraps

    Classic artisan wraps, with careful choice of ingredients.

  • Salama da sugo IGP

    Quantity: 1 kg.

    The typical cold cut par excellence of Ferrara cuisine.

  • Zia Ferrarese Salami

    Quantity: 700 gr
    Traditional and characteristic salami of the Ferrara area.
  • Mandorlini del ponte

    Package quantity: 300 gr
    Handmade biscuits, typical of Ferrara, with an irregular shape.
  • Pumpkin Cappellacci

    Quantity: 500 gr, 1 kg
    Pumpkin cappellacci are the main dish of Ferrara cuisine
  • Pink Salami

    Quantity: 500 gr

    Pink salami with Slow Food Presidium from Emilia. 

  • Artisan Salami with garlic

    Quantity: 400 gr, 700 gr
    Artisanal salami produced in Francolino

    Visit Ferrara

    The city of Ferrara offers the opportunity to combine a visit for tourism with a food and wine visit; you can visit the most important places and monuments of Ferrara and taste the many typical products of this city at the same time.

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