Ferrara delights and typical products at your home

Ferrara Store was founded in March 2013 to offer to the tourists who come to visit the city and to the inhabitants of Ferrara, the opportunity to make their purchases in a store that aims to offer the higher quality of local products. 

Store Ferrara wants to propose the typical products and the products of the territory of Ferrara both to encourage their use by the city's population as to promote them to the other Italians and foreign tourists.

Raw materials

A wide range of typical Ferrara products, created with the use of the best raw materials, following the most traditional local recipes and with unparalleled goodness.

Ferrara Delights

Some of the main Ferrara delights, many of which belong to the seventeen 'Pearls of Ferrara', which are the pride of the city's cuisine and of our agri-food tradition.

The Territory

A milestone for the enhancement of the Ferrara area: not only gastronomic tradition; our staff is at your disposal to show you the most suggestive attractions of the city.

Typical products

Ferrara Delights 


  • Meat cappelletti

    Quantity: 1 kg, 500 gr
    Cappelletti represent one of the typical dishes of Ferrara cuisine.
  • Artisanal Pampapato IGP

    Quantity: 1 kg

    Typical dessert of Ferrara with zuccotto shape and IGP mark.

  • Classic artisanal Piadina

    Quantity per pack: 5 wraps

    Classic artisan wraps, with careful choice of ingredients.

  • Salama da sugo IGP

    Quantity: 1 kg.

    The typical cold cut par excellence of Ferrara cuisine.

  • Zia Ferrarese Salami

    Quantity: 700 gr
    Traditional and characteristic salami of the Ferrara area.
  • Mandorlini del ponte

    Package quantity: 300 gr
    Handmade biscuits, typical of Ferrara, with an irregular shape.
  • Pumpkin Cappellacci

    Quantity: 500 gr, 1 kg
    Pumpkin cappellacci are the main dish of Ferrara cuisine
  • Pink Salami

    Quantity: 500 gr

    Pink salami with Slow Food Presidium from Emilia. 

  • Artisan Salami with garlic

    Quantity: 400 gr, 700 gr
    Artisanal salami produced in Francolino

    Visit Ferrara

    The city of Ferrara offers the opportunity to combine a visit for tourism with a food and wine visit; you can visit the most important places and monuments of Ferrara and taste the many typical products of this city at the same time.

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    Ferrara Stores offers you the possibility to order the best quality of typical products of Ferrara and Province, for the most convenient price, directly from home.

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