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Weekend in Ferrara

A Weekend in FerraraFerrara is a unique city because it has the good fortune of having a great deal of places to visit as far as historic and artistic aspects, but also enviable landscapes, giving you the chance as well to do a wine and food tour with popular dishes, produced with healthy first-quality ingredients.

If you want to do a tour that can unite all these types of tourism you'll want to spend a weekend in Ferrara, two days where you will discover Ferrara is a unique city that can give you special emotions.

If you pass by our shop Ferrara Store, a few steps from the Estense Castle, we will advise you on places you do not want to miss in your weekend in Ferrara, and we can also offer you our bike rental, a more suitable mean to visit the city during your stay. Our staff will be happy to assist you in finding the typical product of Ferrara in our store that is most suitable to your tastes and that you can take home as a souvenir of your visit, or that you can give to friends and family.

The historic center of the city can be defined as an open-air museum where you can admire buildings built in the medieval period, as the sumptuous Estense Castle, and in the Renaissance, such as the Palazzo dei Diamanti, an architectural jewel of downtown, with its rusticated covered in diamonds and in which you can visit during your weekend in Ferrara, contemporary art exhibitions with works extremely valuable. Other architectural beauties that you will see are the Palace Schifanoia, rich in frescoes, Casa Romei, richly decorated in Gothic-style, Palazzo Massari, with the Giovanni Boldini Museum, the Museum of the nineteenth century and the Filippo de Pisis Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, or the Palace of Ludovico il Moro, in which you will find the National Archaeological Museum.

If you want instead to spend your weekend in Ferrara admiring the art within the religious buildings we recommend you visit the Cathedral of St. George the Martyr, internally decorated in baroque style, the Monastery of St. Anthony in Polesine, rich in frescoes of the school of Giotto, or the Monumental Cemetery of Certosa.

If you want to dedicate your weekend in Ferrara to art but also to nature, our advice is to ride a bike, or walk, along the path of the Walls of Ferrara, where you can admire the walls of the city and at the same time find yourself in close contact with nature and with the possibility to see landscapes that within the old town it would be impossible to discern.

In addition to the historical and artistic tour, during your weekend in Ferrara you cannot miss the food and wine tasting. Infact, you can savor old flavours, derived from a centuries-old culinary tradition, the recipes of which in some cases are still the same that were used at the time of the Este court. You can then enjoy your weekend in Ferrara with a dip in the Middle Ages and Renaissance and walk through the historic buildings that the city offers, living inside the art that has developed over the centuries, but also tasting products of the highest quality of culinary art, the best of which have been called "the seventeen pearls Ferrara," seventeen typical products of the territory of Ferrara, many of which you can find in our shop Ferrara Store.

All these features of the city are also ideal for those who desire to spend a very romantic weekend in Ferrara, as the evening walks to the historic center offer a very intimate atmosphere, thanks to the historic surroundings that the city offers. The most ideal area for a romantic weekend in Ferrara is around the Estense Castle, where you will find the castle lit up at night behind you that will make the atmosphere unique, and near which you will find many restaurants ideal for a candle light dinner. For your romantic weekend in Ferrarra, please remember that you can easily reach the city, as the distance from Bologna and Venice is briefly covered by car or public transport.  

We invite you to visit us in Ferrara Store: you will find a welcoming environment in which you can choose with care between the various typical foods of Ferrara and where you can find the salama da sugo, the pumpkin cappellacci, the garlic of Voghiera, the pampapato, the wine of the Eliceo forest, the coppia ferrarese and the pumpkin flatbread. If you could not come and visit us in person, you can buy our products in our online shop by clicking here.

Typical products

Ferrara Delights 


  • Meat cappelletti

    Quantity: 1 kg, 500 gr
    Cappelletti represent one of the typical dishes of Ferrara cuisine.
  • Artisanal Pampapato

    Quantity: 1 kg

    Typical dessert of Ferrara with zuccotto shape.

  • Classic artisanal Piadina

    Quantity per pack: 5 wraps

    Classic artisan wraps, with careful choice of ingredients.

  • Salama da sugo IGP

    Quantity: 1 kg.

    The typical cold cut par excellence of Ferrara cuisine.

  • Zia Ferrarese Salami

    Quantity: 700 gr
    Traditional and characteristic salami of the Ferrara area.
  • Mandorlini del ponte

    Package quantity: 300 gr
    Handmade biscuits, typical of Ferrara, with an irregular shape.
  • Pumpkin Cappellacci

    Quantity: 500 gr, 1 kg
    Pumpkin cappellacci are the main dish of Ferrara cuisine
  • Pink Salami

    Quantity: 500 gr

    Pink salami with Slow Food Presidium from Emilia. 

  • Artisan Salami with garlic

    Quantity: 400 gr, 700 gr
    Artisanal salami produced in Francolino

    Visit Ferrara

    The city of Ferrara offers the opportunity to combine a visit for tourism with a food and wine visit; you can visit the most important places and monuments of Ferrara and taste the many typical products of this city at the same time.

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